We are excited to announce that Modern Apothecary is partnering with Mothers' Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes (WGL) to become a breast milk depot and dispensary.

As a dispensary, Modern Apothecary will act as a hub where families can purchase pasteurized donor milk for short-term use. Donor milk is an essential nutritional therapy that provides numerous benefits, including immunoprotective properties, growth hormones, improved nutrition and digestion. Milk donations are from healthy, lactating women who are screened and approved as donors through Milk Bank WGL. Upon collection, donations are transported to the milk bank's processing facility in Elk Grove Village, IL, where the milk is pasteurized to eliminate viruses and bacteria. The pasteurized milk is tested by a third-party lab and distributed to hospitals and outpatients in IL and WI. Modern Apothecary will become the first Mothers' Milk Bank WGL depot and dispensary within a 50-mile radius, thus bringing a new and vitally important service to southeastern WI and northeastern IL families.

Donor milk can be used at home for many reasons:
  • short term supplementation in the newborn period
  • maternal illness or separation
  • low milk supply
  • adoption or surrogacy
  • diagnosis of severe formula intolerance or failure to thrive
  • diagnosis of severe reflux, GI issues, cardiac conditions, kidney or liver disease, spinal muscular atrophy, or other acquired conditions.
Modern Apothecary is a drop site for approved breast milk donors. For more information on becoming a breast milk donor, please visit www.milkbankwgl.org

You are able to purchase up to 10 bottles of breast milk (4oz per bottle) for $21 per bottle.

Please call Modern Apothecary with any questions regarding the milk depot or dispensary, or email hannah@modernapothecary.org

Did you know? Modern Apothecary has a selection of lactation consultant recommended supplements for lactation and breastfeeding!